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We professionaly manufacture and supply: Single and multiple Bedroom Wendy Houses • Custom Wendy Houses • Log Cabins • Tool Sheds • Servants Quarters • Garden Cottages and we also offer maintance

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Louvered Style Wendy Houses

Our Louvered Wendy Houses are constructed from treated SA Pine with overlapping louver planks. The internal structure comprises of 38mm x 76mm or 50mm x 76mm beams for extra strength.

The louver planks are made from 19mm x 102mm treated pine that overlap, creating a weatherproof louver that is both durable and cost effective.

Log Cabins

Our log cabins are designed to serve you for a lifetime. Constructed from 19mm x 76mm for light duty, and 32mm x 102mm for heavy duty purposes.

Our custom built log cabins are designed to provide durable, secure, and economical space and can be utilised in a wide variety of applications.

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Our wendy houses and log cabins are design to give you many years of use. Constructed out of only the highest quality materials, these cabins can be used for.

  • Garden Cottages
  • Tool Sheds
  • Guard Houses
  • Out Buildings
  • Servants Quarters
  • Additional Home Space
  • Office Space